Our lab has a fundamental commitment to training. We meet as a group once a week, and on an individual basis more frequently. Everyone in the lab presents their work at an international conference at least annually. Attendance on courses or other training activities is encouraged, and we also provide training to MSc students and others coming to the lab for short projects.

For Msc students:
There are opportunities for internship projects, using both behavioral (psychophysics, eye tracking) and neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, MEG, TMS). An MSc internship typically lasts between 6-12 months. If you are interested, please write an e-mail to Floris de Lange
For students of the Nijmegen Cognitive Neuroscience Master's program there are also several lab rotations within our lab.

For PhD students/post-docs:
If you are looking for a PhD or post-doc position, feel free to inquire about current opportunities by sending an email to Floris de Lange. We also frequently host PhD students/post-docs from elsewhere in the context of a collaborative research project.