Postal address

Floris de Lange, PhD
Donders Institute (Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging), Room 01.117.
Kapittelweg 29
P.O. Box 9101
NL - 6500 HB Nijmegen
the Netherlands

Phone: +31 24 36 10658
Fax: +31 24 36 10989

How do I get to the Donders Institute?

If you come by plane, the most nearby airports are Weeze Airport (in Germany) or Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam).
From Weeze, there is a shuttle bus that takes you to Nijmegen central station. From Schiphol, direct trains to Nijmegen go twice per hour (takes 1,5 hours).

At the central station in Nijmegen, you can take the "Heyendaal shuttle" (bus 10), which runs every 7 minutes.
Get off at the Heyendaal station (first stop), take a right turn, and turn right again on the first big street (Kapittelweg). After + 100 metres, you will see the Donders Centre on your right hand side.

Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging